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Fancy turntable animations showing off the finished meshes for the Corvette, Bomber, and Interceptor. Land base command center rendering, and more to come soon as the programming team wraps up some administrative tasks.

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Hey everyone it's time for your weekly update. On the engineering side we've ported the camera system to the new networking code and added support for the name pools that will be used to choose names for NPC ships, space stations, and land bases. For those of you who pledged reward tiers that allow you to submit a name we'll probably end up creating a custom page on our website where you can submit your name(s). Aside from that Flavien is still working through some stuff with his new apartment and I had another week where I was heavily focused on administrative tasks.

Pre-rendered shot of the land base command center

On the art side we have some new videos for your viewing pleasure! They are simple turntable animations showing off the geometric detail we've put into our smaller ships:




In parallel to creating these videos Kristian is continuing his work on the land base final geometry pass and Jan is still focused on station materials. That's all for this week, until next time!

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