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More info on the Community MS:C night, and not much else. (give me a break, I can barely think coherently right now =P )

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Calling in sick to work is fun! Actually being sick is most definitely not.

At least I'm here, right?

For the Community MS:C night mentioned therein, I'm think about shooting for mid-July. Between now and then I'm going to be rather busy, which brings me to my second point of interest. There won't be any Weekly Update next week, as come next Monday I will probably be somewhere between my home and the destination of the trip I'm embarking upon. As much as I trust the internet with the names of locations I'll be visiting...

Anyway, in response to those who had concerns over their MS:C character's low level, please bear in mind that none of my characters are double digits yet either. Before you get all up ons, let me say that my LAN characters got double numbers many a time. It's just that I haven't done a lot of playing on the "central server", as it were.

So we can all get owned by orcs together! ;)

Sounds like heaps of fun, can't wait to see y'all then!


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