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Well I've spent a lot of time changing a project I made from C# over to C++.

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Ideas, the ones that got in!

Well, last week I talked about some ideas the community and staff had come up with and we wasn't too sure what to do with them, so, we refined them. The Engineer's building is now in partially as we have changed the whole game mode system around, War of The Server will now have a different set of game modes than what has been talked about. But don't worry, they're pretty similar as they are still objective based game modes, we just made them require more tactical thinking, run and gun isn't our kinda style.

So, about the ranks? Well, as it stands at the minute, you have one overall rank. You will probably rank up a lot in Clan Battles, as they will be pretty long battles and filled with XP!

However, you can now rank up in PvP too. As it stands at the minute though, there is an XP cap to how much XP you can earn per 24 Hour periods. This is because PvP servers are dedicated servers, and we have virtually no control over them, so anything could happen like mods or so on. We don't want people cheating using mods to get XP now do we? Unless we find a way we can hard code it in that a kill doesn't give you a gazillion points and bump you right up to rank 50, I'm afraid the cap will stick, unless you guys have a better idea? Let us know!

Tier System!

Over the past few weeks, me and our gun nut Colin have been working up a tier system for attachments for weapons. This is really good system as it allows players to totally customise their weapons to their desire.

The tier system works by having 5 different tiers for attachments. Each tier will have a set of attachments. A short range scope, mid range and long range. As well as a Muzzle attachment and one extra. Now, that may sound overkill, but actually it's not. You can have up to 3 weapon attachments.

However, not all scopes will work on all weapons, come on, you can't run around with a 32x Zoom Scope on your AK, we're not into that. Some sights are limited to some weapons. So, still don't understand?
Well, say you unlock tier one, then you will receive the following:

Short Range: CMORE
Mid-Range: Elcan 4x Scope
Long Range: 8x Scope
Muzzle: Flash Hider
Extra: Flash Light or Laser.

So, the CMORE is a short range scope, most recommended for CQB battles and SMGs. The Elcan is a 4x Scope, recommended for longer range assault rifles and the 8x Scope is exclusive to sniper rifles and very long range rifles only. The Flash Hider is available for most weapons and the Flash light can be used to blind people when pointed right at them and is also very useful in the dark corners of some maps. The laser is available for most weapons too and will increase your hip fire accuracy.

This is tier one. Once you unlock tier 2, better items in these categories will be available.

Don't worry, we got your EOTech.


We're still looking for people! Don't forget we always are! Here's the priority list at the moment.

  1. C++ Programmers (Knowledge of Source and C++)
  2. Modelers/Texture artists (Capable of modelling in preferably Autodesk, and capable of porting models to source. Also, texture artists must be capable of creating their own textures in high res and porting them to source into vmt/vmf files.)
  3. Sound Artists (Capable of making sound effects in HQ. NOT MUSICIAN!)
  4. Musician (Capable of creating original sounding tracks and keeping a constant style, yes we're finally looking for musicians again!)
  5. Mappers (Good knowledge of Hammer World Editor and it's functions)

The best way to apply is on our forums over at But you can also apply with!!

Sorry for taking so long with this up date also, I've been doing a lot recently. Also, I'd like to introduce Dusk next week in the updates! Hopefully you guys will love it. <3

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