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Worlds gonna end soon.. dammit! Anyways, here's this weeks update!

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Well recently there's been a lot of discussion on how we will have some majority of control over Battleservers to avoid anything such as mods? Well that's relatively easy.

A large percentage of Battleservers will be run by official hosters, some run by them some run by us. However, to allow the community to join. You can apply to have a Battleserver listed in the official servers. To have your server listed you must follow the requirements:

  • Allow Infinity Interactive to have some amount of access to your server (FTP or anything)
  • No modifications to the game are present
  • Your server will be monitored for the weeks to come
  • Your servers stats will constantly be monitored for any jumps in XP

People are already starting to wonder why we take things so seriously. Well, this is simply because if we didn't take things seriously, our mod would be a piece of crap. Some are saying we're treating WoTS as if it were a retail game. Well, yeah to us its our flagship project if we want to shoot towards the stars we must first aim for them.

Another discussion popped up of the fact there may not be enough Battleservers. This may be true if the mod blows up on release. When I say there may not be enough, you may be waiting in a queue. However, we will be ready at launch for around 700 people which should be fine. We'll also be releasing the server content in beta so Beta testers may run their own PvP servers.

If at launch we have thousands of players, I'm afraid you'll have to go over to PvP while we tell server hosters to shutup and take our money.


So, to clear a few things up on what goodies we'll be offering for our grizzled veterans, here's a basic way to sum it up.

Beta Testers:
All beta testers will receive exclusive access to the KAC Chainsaw. If you don't know what that is, Google it. It's basically a really cool looking version of the KAC LMG which is in War of The Servers. The only advantage over other players having this weapon will have is that it will be unlocked at the start of the game. However, the KAC Chainsaw/LMG is rather in accurate and will only be used to it's full potential by a true FPS player.

Beta testers will also have a small in game badge stating they were a beta tester.

Goodbye Jets.. :'(

Well after a long (wasn't really that long actually) discussion, Jets are no longer going to make it into War of The Servers. This is not because we hate everyone, this is simply because we are really limited it is and adding jets in such a small limited area would end in catastrophe. We also figured the way War of The Servers feels at the moment that Jets would ruin the gameplay slightly and knock it off balance. Therefore, Jets are no longer in. However, helicopters are!

Anyway, that's all for this week, also if you notice these things aren't really weekly if you look at the dates they're more kinda whenever I think it's appropriate.

Anyway thanks for all the support and thanks a lot for all the people who have voted for us to be Mod of The Year! <3

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