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In which I discuss and share some voice work as well as briefly talk about where development has gone this past week.

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As of yesterday, the cast list for the main characters in "Lights" was put up on Voice Acting Alliance! Please feel free to view the details here:

I had the pleasure of listening to some very talented voice actors throughout this auditioning process and am pleased that so many people took an interest in this project. I have also uploaded a sample of one of Troy's monologues in-game, which you can listen to here:

Troy Monologue Sample - Mod DB

So, a lot of work has been going into figuring out story elements more than visual work this week. Which means, I haven't got a lot to show visually. There are a lot of lines and little pieces of story scattered throughout the game that need to not only provide all of the necessary information for the player to understand the story, but also need to be paced properly so certain reveals don't come too soon. This planning is still ongoing.

As far as the work I'm doing in the engine, I'm continuing to work on lighting and atmospheric details for the Grey Room. The level doesn't have to be overly complicated, but I want to avoid two big mistakes (I consider them mistakes) I have seen with other similarly styled horror games in the past:

1. The map is a randomly generated maze that looks practically the same no matter where you go save for a couple of special rooms
2. Enemies coming after you in the map are predictable and are put in plain sight

Those two things don't build tension for me. The map I'm creating is small, not super complex, but you can distinguish one hallway from another hallway. My goal for any enemy that may or may not be in that level is that you will barely notice it at all, but it will notice you constantly. Think about it.

Thanks as always to anyone following the game or who has taken interest! Cheers :)

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