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Hello everywone and welcome to the fifth weekly update, this week I'll discuss the special production planets. Next week will be the mini campaigns feature

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Hello everywone and welcome to the fifth weekly update, this week I'll discuss the special production planets. Next week will be the mini campaigns feature

On some planets you can build special units, here's a overview of those planets:(EA=Earth alliance, IGE=Intergalactic empire,BHP=Black hole pirates

Earth: Capital shipyard(All), Advanced factory(All), Earth elite soldier (EA), Nebula star cruiser(EA) Galaxy star cruiser(EA) Galaxy X class(EA) Sovereign class star cruiser(EA), Federation starfleet(EA)
Mars: Mars cruiser (BHP)
Asteroid belt: Mining vessels(All)
Jupiter: Gas extractor(All)
Saturn: Gas extractor(All)
Nibiru: Capital shipyard(All), Advanced factor(All), Anunaki warrior(BHP),Black hole pirate assault fleet(BHP)
Atlantis: Floating city(EA,IGE)
Reach: UNSC Marathon(EA) UNSC Longsword(EA) Covonant assault carrier(BHP),Capital shipyard(All)
The world that never was: Organisition XIII Warrior(All)
Vulcan: Nebula star cruiser (EA), Galaxy class star cruiser(EA)
'Hot' Jupiter: Gas extractor(All)
Ords Ibanna: Gas extractor(All)
Naboo: Lucrehulk mk1(BHP), N1 Fighter(All)
Unknown sector: Invader class assault walker(EA), AT-BT(IGE), Beatle tank(BHP)
Muunlist: Munifiscent frigate(BHP)
Mon Calamari: All Mon clamari ships(EA) Mon calamari fleet(EA)
Halley: Mining vessels(All)
Coruscant: Capital shipyard(All) Advanced factory(All) AT-BT(IGE)
Corulag: Elite infantry(All), Sienar factory(IGE)
Rendilii: Capital shipyard(All), Assault frigate mk2(EA)
Byss: All AT production line units(IGE)
Bespin: Kadressor(BHP),Agressor/Krayt destroyer(BHP), Gas extractor(All)
Ord Mantell: Junkjard(All)
Polis massa: Medics(All) Hospital/repair vessels(All)
Kuat: KDY(IGE), Capital shipyard(All), All units manufactored by KDY (Depends on ship)
Kamino: AT-TE(IGE), AT-RT(IGE), AT-OT(IGE), Venator(IGE), Acclemator mk2(IGE), Legacy mk1&mk2(IGE), Mandator(IGE)
Yavin: E-wing(EA)
Fondor:Capital shipyard(All)
Mandalore: Starviper(BHP), Crusader gunship(BHP) Kedalbe(BHP) Kadressor(BHP)
Hypory: All CIS units(BHP)
Geonosis: All CIS units(BHP)
The maw: TIE Phantom(IGE), Scientist(All)
Vegresso asteroids: Mining vessels(All)

Well those where the special production planets, next week I'll discuss the mini campaign feature, and btw here's a list of my team members so far, if you want to join the team just pm me or send me an e-mail(

Mod team:
Mapper: Me (Megavin123) and KKB
Modeller: *SGA*Orion and Thread
Skinner: Still need one
Rigger: Still need one
Scrypter: Still need one
Coder: Illusionmaze



I don't know. I'm still not liking this idea of using wars ships and planet names when your placing this mod in our own solar system.

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Perhaps we can put in filler systems that are like a "jump hole" which connect the different groups.(Eg. Star Wars, Our own solar system, other sci-fi titles, etc..) Or our solar system could just be one that has never been discovered. Just my ideas on this.

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megavin123 Author

Well in GC you have 2 galaxies and you can travel between them using a wormhole

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So basically megavin123 your including elements from Stargate, Starwars & Star Trek. I'm going to ask a direct question here. Where are the assets for this mod going to come from, or do you plan on having your modeller/s creating everything from scratch (for the non stock game), because I can see a whole bunch of permission requests, some of which you might fall flat on. I still believe it would be better to stream line this mod away from the regularly based Scifi series/films in view of something more unique. As it currently stands all I can see looking over this list is nothing more than a selection fo thrown together scifi series in one mod and theres already one in production. I know this sounds harsh but the reality is simply, what could you offer joe public who plays the mods/games that hasn't already been seen?? I'm wondering just how much thought you've really put into this. Just remember how long its taken RAW to get out to the masses....

I've been there when enough mods have failed and also been part of alot that have done well. Theres a fine line between what will and won't work.

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megavin123 Author

Well I'm doing everything to keep this mod alive, I don't want to dissepoint you guys and btw, this mod is way different than Galaxies at war and Sci-fi at war

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I don't know megavin. I'm still not convinced as your looking at a shed load of work. I still think that this would make a very clean mod if based closer to home.

Still. Its your mod so time will tell.

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megavin123 Author

Yeah, just give me more time this mod is just a few weeks old, but however I won't let you down.

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