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Dear players,

This is our second Weekly Update and here I will talk about this week.
What a week this has been. As a team we planned on releasing the first version of the mod but we had some doubts. Would we be willing to let you test the first versions of the game or wait some months and release the first version when it would be amazing?

We wanted to give you, the community, the change to play this mod and therefore we released the first version on 5 November 2017. The team is still small and help is always welcome.

But now I proudly present the list of updates:

  • Added new nations including: Greece, All Italian states, All German states, Portugal, Persia, Brazil, Mexico, and most of South America. This will mean added almost every nation in the game.
    This will mean the nations have their own flag and own leader portrait. And all the mayor nations have at least 2 generals and admirals.
  • Added the tech tree. Techs are now researchable. The layout is still vanilla but the research dates should work. Of course airplanes and tanks won't be available to research.
  • Added National Focus, we added a generic one and added some special focusses for Ottoman Empire and Prussia.
  • Fixed event errors
  • Fixed localisation errors
  • Fixed portrait errors

The download link will be online today!

I will keep you guys up to date and see you next time!

Kind regards,

Unwilledduck (Victorian Era Mod's Leader)

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