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Our weekly update is a day early due to Friday being an off day here. This weekly update includes screenshots of character customization, information on melee weapons, cellphones, healing and family jobs!

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Hey everyone! This is our November 13th 2014 weekly update. This week we decided to take a step back from the level design and focus on a few other things. First was the implementation of the melee weapons, character customization and some minor changes. A full detailed list can be found below.

Melee Weapons

This week we decided to play around with some of the different melee weapons, adjusting there damage, delays, and so forth. We managed to add in most of our melee weapons but without animations so, as much as we want to show you guys a demonstration we'll hold off until the animations are completely finished.


Cellphones will play a key role in communication with players. Cellphones will be purchased from a phone provider store, they'll be able to select which type of phone they want, each phone will have a different look and possibly different features.

Once they purchase a phone they will be provided a unique 7 digit phone number. They can give their phone number out to other players, who can they either text them or call them. When a player is called by another user, their chatbox will have a special option labeled "phone". Any text that is input there will be sent directly to the other user. When you wish to hangup, you click on the cellphone icon and your phone will be brought up and you simply click on the red hangup icon. You'll be able to store contacts into your phone.

Phones will be able to store up to 50 text messages, once you reach 50 you'll have to start deleting text messages or else you'll not be able to receieve anymore. Text messages can be sent to both online and offline users, if the user is offline they will receieve the text when they login.


There will be 2 ways you can heal yourself in LCN. The first is by eating or drinking. You can purchase food or drinks from store across Esperanza City or by looting them off of enemies. The second is by visiting a hospital. The price of the hospital visit depends on how much health you had lost.

Last but not least we've decided to release some screenshots of the character customization. This is all a work in progress and much of it still needs to be changed and updated.

Family Jobs

Upon joining a family you'll be able to start completing family jobs. Family jobs are missions that will help boost your families experience and level. Each rank for example a soldier will have different jobs to do then an associate would. But, they can both help each other in completing the job.

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