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Indept information about the structure system. Read it now!!!

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Nice seeing you here at our 2nd weekly update, this week we will discuss the new structure system, and hopefully later this week i can upload some more pictures.

In Empire at War, you could build any type of basic structure, and then build another one that is more advanced that give more buildoptions for units. any structure could also been build on any planet except the Cantina and the Hutt Outpost. Well, we took a part of this, there are basic structures, with each unlock a serie of other structures, which give you the ability to build units, here is how it works:

Your first buildoption is a type of Command Center:
-Infantry Command
-Armour Command
-Air Comman
-Economic Command
-Main Command (only at your factions Capital)

You can only build 1 per planet, then afther building one of these, you unlock specific structures, for your type. We will take 2 examples:

Infantry Command, allows you to build basic, advanced and specialized infantry, as well as some light mechanized units. This option lacks in vehicals, air units, and economic buildings, but unlocks units that other command centers won't.

Main Command, will unlock everything, except a few special units.

This was our weekly update, next stay tunned for next week. Hope this information is statisfing, since our progress this week was very slow. Though we might have a new member on the team soon.

-LaW Team-

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