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Second week summary: new members, new beginning, few articles added, changes in research tree.

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Hello everyone this week, we've got some new updates.

1. New members

Now we got a few more people in our group, that's good. Of course, there some are just watchers, like me ("Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?"(c)), but now in our small team we got Pouk, who's now the QA. His method of model making I'll post a bit later.

2. New beginnings

So, for now:

  • BloodFleet, the Modder, is making the basis for the mod;
  • Dark_Sentinel, the Modeller & Texturer, is making Assault Frigate & Heavy Interceptor (he's doing it for HW@, but doesn't mind to allow HW2TP use it);
  • Itsthepopei, The Modeller, is making Repair Ship;
  • Hix, The Modder, is making Light Corvette;

3. New Articles

Being correct, they are just notes...

  • So, I've been asking if we need shader for taii - these question I give to the ones who make model, if they need it, they do it. Now we're making the basics, all the bonuses will be later, after release, who will wish for it (like new color icons, new color dock, shaders etc - there are a lot of ways to expand the game).
  • Second article was dedicated to the taiidani realisation - why I did it that way not another, and so on;
  • Third article was dedicated to modelers, few conventions/ guidelines of how models should be made;

4. Changes in Research Tree

Well, I was thinking about the need of Research Station and Battle Station (Nomad Moon) and I've thought, that taiidanies really don't need it: they have light destroyer class instead of BC, but H&V don't have any station analogues. So I'll get rid of these stations: it's unclear how to balance Nomad Moon, and if anyone would want to have station - do it, but here we already have enough of capital ships.
And what do you think about this?

P.S.: Taiidani needs you ))

Lupus_of_nox_noctis - - 1,088 comments

Hmm......what do i think about this? Im fine with just about anything as long as i get to play this mod.

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LeviathansWrath - - 843 comments

If you guys get anything done i can add it into HWU if you would like.

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AmDDRed Author
AmDDRed - - 606 comments

I'd like to get the whole thing done, and only then to be shared.
You can join us and force the finish )

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