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This week we have some exciting things happening, our level editor is coming along nicely and our studio logo is all but finished!

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Hello again, this week I am on time! For a quick update, see below, for a more in-depth rant see even more below!

Quick update: Our studio logo is finished, we have started working on some of the later features of the game like catapult pillars (how cool??), level editor is coming along nicely, and we are optimizing a lot!


Exciting news! Our level editor is starting to look super cool, I'll post a video about it above this update.
Our studio logo is finally decided, there were a lot of different opinions, but we all really liked this one; we are now officially **!FromHere Studio** (see the joke there, huh?).

In other departments we are mainly working on optimizing our game, one of our graphic artists is looking into the difference between stack and amplify, and the other one is LODing away.
Our second programmer is working on a new game feature, catapult pillars, which means you will be able to shoot the character across the room!
Finally in the design department our level maps are starting to take form with all the new planned features, cool stuff!

!FromHere studio logo

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