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Each week I release mini updates on twitter and forums such as the RPGCodex and RPGwatch. At the end of the week, I'll be posting all the information here as the individual updates are too small.

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Hey guys,

So armor first, the first 4 sets have been finalized. Cloth Armor sets 1-4:

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

Here's the first monster reveal. I'll be going into more details in each faction reveal, when all monsters are covered for each specific faction. For now though, here's a few screenshots of the "Rodent Gunner", something that never got the spotlight a couple weeks back.

Monster Name: Rodent Gunner
Special Ability: Heavy Shot, a ranged knockback ability.

The majority of knockback abilities are all done within melee distance, so 1 tile away. The gunner likes to keep enemies at a distance but it can also be used aggressively to disrupt formations, knocking your units back, away from allies and exposing their flanks.

Rodent Gunner 1

Rodent Gunner 2

Rodent Gunner 3

Stay tuned for more!

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