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Train Station Simulator is a station builder and manager game. Create and maintain your dream station! Ride the rails and operate your ultimate grand central empire!

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We are happy to announce our first weekly update. Train Station Simulator is now at version 0.691 and contains the following upgrades and fixes:

- advanced employee list view enabled: see all employees and set their working shifts and salary one by one in one menu.
- Cafe cart included into objects menu.
- main menu options for all campaign modes enabled.
- vandal persons AI enabled to be more complex, more objects can be kicked off
- settings menu new options enabled: PA volume setup, mouse zoom in-out swap option
- graphical improvements: newly designed rails on the station, newly designed rails for cargo rails

Bugs fixed:
# 178 - Bicycle lane can be removed - fixed
# 167 - Passengers can enter completely empty station - fixed
# 15 - Toilette tiling sometimes overlaps passengers - fixed
# 129 - Arrow scrolling speed not working - fixed
# 109 - Screenshots saved to wrong directory - fixed
# 104 - Salary mouse wheel setup wrong direction - fixed
# 23 - Certain objects are not possible to rotate - fixed or "R" icons removed
# 123 - Taxi station can be placed out of the fence - fixed
# 124 - Fence overlaps bicyclers - fixed

Feedback - needs discussion:
# 124 - Can passengers cross bicycle lanes or can they only use pedestrian crossings?
# 11 - After terminal closing passengers should disappear at once or randomly?
# 13 - Night mode should be lighter? Should be darker?
# 16 - All traffic should stop during nights: no cars, no pedestrians

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