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Looking for someone with a new chimera model and an update to what im currently upto

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This week has been setting everything up so not much to report here with, Catachan Infantry Squad was made with a few variant models but i'd like to add a couple more before i say the models for it are done.

I'm working on a model of a chimera also now and if anyone has a model of the newer chimera please get in touch i'd like to make it as accurate as possible and im struggling to find good reference. this version is what im after and i have already got quite far on a model of the old one before realising it had a new updated model. I have been away from tabbletop warhammer for a long time so it slipped the net.

Anyway my plans are to get these units in game.

  • Chimera APC (80% done on model just need to edit it to the new version)
  • Another Catachan model this one id like to have an open jacket/vest. (nearly finished this)
  • Lasgun carbine firing lasers.
  • Portrait for the Catachan squad.
  • Upgrade to show grenades on models.

So thats the plan for friday then every friday will update you on what i managed to do to keep you in the know.

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