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First week of development: Bedroom completely redesigned.

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Weekly Update #1:

The very first week of development has been around the design of the room you're sleeping in.
Some details still need to be added, but the bedroom is mostly finished.

Also, a small brainstorming have been done for the gameplay. Since this is a horror game,
the basic element of an horror game will be found:

  • Noises(whispers, voice, scratching, creak, ect)
  • Moving objects.
  • Shadows
  • Thunder
  • Monsters/Hallucination
  • And an oppressing backsound

But also a system of blinking has been thnking, so the screen will darkened periodically.

Finally, we want this game to be a real horror simulator and not an avalanche of "Surprise M**********r",
so the game will mainly focus on the environnement and the gameplay with a small amount
( perhaps none) of jumpscares.

Here what the room look like right now (The black squares on the walls are landmarks for the futur posters or decorations):

Weekly Update #1
Weekly Update #1
Weekly Update #1
Weekly Update #1
Weekly Update #1

And here what it look like with the Rift on:

Weekly Update #1
Weekly Update #1
Weekly Update #1

From now on, the completion of textures is the main objective of this week.

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