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Well 10 weeks ago I had an idea to start doing weekly updates, and if you haven't noticed by now I constantly fill this category with crap so it's more than 50 characters.

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I'm going away! Again..

Well I'm off again over Christmas, I expect the Devs not to be working over Christmas so that will slow us down a little, but hey it's the holiday season, who want's to work?

Anyway everything should resume as normal. I'll still have internet connection however there won't be much to talk about until I get back! When I get back I expect to see one or two maps completely finished, one of these will be Powerplant which I will be doing a full walkthrough on with Zecrah if he'd like to join me. On top of that we have another incredible map cooking up in the works being made by Neozyem. It's got great structure to it and I can't wait to see it done and play test it.

In other news we recently came across some problems with Dusk. Dusk and hammer just do not get along and we keep getting numerous errors. Mostly the good ol' "Windows could not find specified file" error. We're coming up with a bug fix for this, it's happening mostly because Dusk is a large map and when compiling vbsp keeps crashing, never fear though, you'll still get to gun the AC-130..


Well lets talk classes. As you probably know, War of The Servers has a class system. However this is a fixed class system. Each class has a specific role on the Battlefield. And each specific class has a specific set of weapons and gadgets. Your classes will also have levels on them. The higher the level the more things you can use for that class. For example, if you get your Sniper class up to level 30 (sounds hard, not all that hard, just sniping has to be your thing) then by then you'll have access to all the extra sniper scopes and weapons. Now, this slightly ties in with the Tier Unlock system for the Attachments that can be used globally. Attachments are unlocked with Tiers which go up with every 10-15 ranks. The higher Tier the better attachments you get to use. On top of this, classes have class specific attachments which will be used and unlocked with your overall class rank.

This may get a little confusing so here it is in basic terms.

You have your overall Rank.
You then have a class Rank, for example my Sniper Class rank may be level 10 and my Assault may be level 30.
The higher your class Rank, the more class specific items you unlock, this includes weapons, attachments and items.
On top of this, you will also unlock global weapons which may be used by any class when your overall rank goes up.
You also have the attachment Tier. This also goes up with overall rank. However the attachment Tier does not have class specific attachments and these attachments can be used globally.

Don't worry, we'll explain it better when the beta comes around!

Thanks for all the support we've had recently and we hope you stick with us!

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