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Hello everyone, I decided to do weekly updates on the mod so nobody will think the mod died or something like that. It also allows me to show progress much easier instead of showing it by screens.

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So, this is the first weekly update. In these updates I simply post what I did on the mod in the week and post suggestions you can give your opinion about. I'll try to post it every Friday or even Thursday evening (at my local time - GMT+1). Ofcourse, I can I still post videos or screenshots throughout the week for some extra updates. Now let's move on to the content of this update.

Major changes

  • Fixed some major bugs with the second safe camp, it's now possible to save the game and buy weapons in this camp.
  • Completed the mission given by the arms dealer in the first safe camp.
  • Completed the first survivor mission, now I can start working on the 'survivor system'.
  • Started working on the third 'story' mission which is about some scientist who runs tests and experiments on captured zombies.

Minor changes

  • Rewritten the saving script which fixed some bugs.
  • Made a small scheme about the mission sequences.


  • Bandit camps: In the first arms dealer mission you're asked to clear a small camp of bandits. So I was thinking: why not make bandit camps beside the safe camps? When you come close to the camp the zombies stop spawning and bandits will spawn in the camp and attack you. You can get some nice weapons or even money from them. Tell me what you think about it!

That was it for the first weekly update, hopefully I can clear up some things with this and please leave a comment about the suggestion, it will help a lot!

Gilgamessiah - - 315 comments

Like the idea zombies shouldn't be the only danger in the apocalypse however maybe you could join the bandits and go against the safe posts instead just a thought probably too hard to add but i was thinking of it

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JopperX9 Author
JopperX9 - - 368 comments

That's a damn good idea. Thanks a lot, I'm currently working on it and it's going to be great!

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