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This week is an early update, so I can give you guys some things to look forward to with the modification. Enjoy!

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This week is an early update, so I can give you guys some things to look forward to with the modification. Enjoy!--Progress has been heavily under way with the modification. We currently have two multiplayer maps being made for the mod. These maps are Dragon's Roost, and Northrend Descent. Some descriptions of what you can expect from the maps are below.Dragon's Roost - Dragon's Roost is a medium sized 1v1 map based in a snowy mountain surface. The players will need to cut through trees, and fend off against Blue Dragons and a small ammount of Gnolls. The map is loosely based on a Blue Dragon nesting site where players also have to watch out for the couple of Blue Dragons that are living in this area.

Northrend Descent - This map is a map that supports 4 players. It is based in the area called Northrend where the Lich King is mainly seen in games, and media. Players will have to walk through treacherous terrain, and frozen landscapes. There will be a large ammount of creeps that players can battle and find some good loot to help increase your chances of being victorious.

The mod is also underway with making some new races, and completely removing a race. This mod will not feature the Night Elves, but their cousins or so the Blood Elves. Down below are some of the races you can expect to see in the mod.

Gnolls - That's right. Players will have the ability to play as the Gnoll race in this mod. They will have their own buildings, heroes and units. They will not have any dialogue when clicked on except for the whines, and barking sounds they make.

Dwarves - Dwarves will be completely removed from the Human Alliance in the game. This means, the Dwarves will have their own structures, units and Heroes same as the Gnolls. However, the Dwarves will have their own dialogue which most will be taken from the dwarves currently in game. This also means the humans will loose their Rifleman, Mortar Team and Gyrocopters but get their own replacements.
That's all for this week, thanks for following Winter Solstice and if you can contribute any ammount of help PM me. That would be fantastic.

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