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As with my usual weekly reports, I share what is completed, what I am currently working on, and what is about to be developed. Below is a general list of the notable details completed this past week, along with the present work on the weapons editing, and a look ahead to modifying the ships.

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Completed This Week:
-Sound and Music are fully implemented, though of course since this is an open project, new content will continue to be added.

-The overall AI profiles are completed. I have read in depth in the FSO Modding Wiki to ensure that these AI are smarter, deadlier, and better wing men. Specific profiles for each ship type are being designed as well.

-Star Wars style hyperspace jumps, auto convergence, surface shields, laser colors, speeds, ship stats, large scale Star Wars style explosions, custom load screens, and Imperial March Mainhall Music have been incorporated.

-Initial handling and combat styles for each ship have been designed and heavily tested. These will continue to evolve I am sure.

Presently Working On:

-All of the base weapons have been created and properly flagged, now I am going through the process of tweaking each one so it feels just right. For example I am fiddling around with the various properties and abilities of ion cannons and their affects on various ships.

-List of weapons presently: Primary weapons for all the small craft (including an ion cannon), three different magnitudes of turrets for each faction's capital ships, and proton torpedoes, proton bombs (like the TIE Bombers were dropping in the asteroid field in ESB), and concussion missiles.

Immediate Future:

-Continue on weapons and move onto finishing the modifications to the small craft, then eventually the sections for the larger ships.

As always, thanks for reading, for support, and of course anyone who is interested in this project please feel free to message me. May the Force Be With You.

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