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Finally have the screen shots for this week. Some sacrifices had to be made however. See inside for more details.

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Welcome everyone to WPR #14. This weeks report almost did not happen because the map no longer wanted to compile correctly. I got the main issue fixed, but VRad still crashes when trying to build the HDR data. Still trying to figure that one out, so these screens will not have HDR enabled in them.

I will hopefully be able to figure it out for next weeks release.

Anyway, I made a lot of progress this week, most of the structural work is done on the hallways, the second floor walkways are done, some cutting still needs to be done on a few areas though.

The food court gave me a bit more trouble then I was expecting. Had to hand make the domed glass roof as cylinders are unable to be turned into displacements. There is no support super-structure to it yet, but I will be working on that a bit next week.

I decided that this week I would try something new and make a slide show out of the screes:

That's all for this week, hopefully I can get hammer to behave for next weeks report D:

Thanks for following CI!



I know what you mean, it's killer to get maps to compile correctly. The slide show kinda goes too fast for me to read but anyways looks great!

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Maybe someone with better specs can compile it?
Eitherway keep up the good work.

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Geowil Author

Ok, I got the VRad crash sorted out. It was from a memory leak with VRad due to the vmf file being corrupted (took out all my light entities and VRad still reported them). Copy pasted map to a new vmf and cut 340 vert. units from the walls across the map for good measure.

Was able to get a solid compile earlier. I had to readjust the height of the second floor and supports (still working on that now). Looks like Wednesday's update is going to be back in HDR :D

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