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Grenade targeting arcs, animation updates, and the beginnings of Zarnok AI

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I'll start things off by saying that the pictured background detail is the spot where I test new tiles completed by @originalwalcor as they are added to the game, so that's why they change so frequently.

Lots of new tiles this week!

  • I've also implemented some new animations for Robo created by @originalwalcor, as well as a general fix for Robo's bounding box. Spine doesn't have a way of creating coordinate precise bounding boxes, so I overlaid a transparent ruler onto my screen and used that.

  • Robo now draws a targeting arc when he's preparing to throw a grenade. It even draws a targeting reticle over an enemy if it's going to make contact!
  • Taking out an enemy results in a shower of metal limbs, as I take every bone in their Spine skeleton and have it fly apart. Just so everyone knows, this isn't built-in functionality. I had to add each bone as a separate sprite, then calculate the position of each bone to be created when you land the killing blow. Sure makes for a satisfying kill!
  • On the non-visible side of things, this week I finally began implementing the sliding scale of Zarnok AI. For instance, the smarter Workers get, the more likely they will turn around when they hit a ledge if you are behind them. If you're in front of them, they'll keep going down the ledge. In any case, the smarter they get, the more likely they will move towards you and therefore spot you.

Want me to get into the nitty-gritty code used to make all this happen?Want more pictures?Ask away in the comments!

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