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Hello everyone! Today marks the first iteration of the Weekly Dev Summary Blog, its a pretty hefty name by just roll with it. The WDSB is a little creation of mine that lists out the fruits of my pestering of each dev. In english, that means I asked everyone on the development team to fill out a spreadsheet of what they did this past week.

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Benjamin Arnold (The Second Best) - Lead Developer

  • Added proper sorted transparency for glass blocks and flora blocks.
  • Rewrote chunk IO
  • Rewrote water physics and rendering
  • Rewrote light algorithms
  • Simplified a lot of code and fixed bugs in the process
  • Important Video(He lies)

Anthony Keeton - Lead Designer

  • Drafting Gameplay progression flow
    Drafting Lore

Sebastian Corfitzen (Rock Paper Scissors Champion) - Designer

  • Accomplished:
  • Showed the whole school his awesome dance moves
  • Flirted with the ladies
  • Became Rock Paper Scissors Champion
  • Failed:
  • At getting the ladies
  • At Juggling
  • At learning the moonwalk

Joshua Arnold - Sound Artist

  • Jack S**t (School)

Matthew Marshall (The Best) - Designer/Web Developer

  • Changes to website (Dev News, Activity, etc)
  • Explored UI design directions (AR/Holo + actual appearance)

Georg Hammerschmid - Texture Artist

  • New, more detailed and by far more realistic skybox (1.5 weeks ago), started work on new flowers this week (not much done yet) and testing glass transparency … I’ve also been busy with my summer job, so all in all haven’t got much completed this week

Andreas Ressl (The Pixel Magician)- Texture and 3D Artist

  • Expand the Texture Atlas from 3 to 28 Pages with awesome texture stuff!
  • ...and made some models!

Jesse Leskinen - Programmer/Web Developer

  • Improved the website performance and fixed some issues with avatars.

Patrick Cavanagh (Owns all your base) - Community Manager

  • Started planning and writing the Weekly Development Blog (this)
  • Forum Moderation
  • Returned from Europe
  • Did not contract Ebola
  • Learned and Prospered from the effects of Jet Lag

Nathan Matthews - Programmer

  • Added some new features to the Voxel Editor including brush creation and drawing a reference voxel to denote the location where the next voxel will be drawn.

Brian Bruggerman (I like coffee) - Software Engineering Consultant

  • Looking at processes and best practices
    Breaking the repository
  • Updating xml conversion script

Jeremy Fischer (Master of Wierdness) - Intern Programmer

  • Working on Server - Client (CSC actually) Communication for Chat rooms.
    Working on new Server hardware for development and M%^(#)@#*r (is that a thing we should tell people about?)(You mean the secret naked pic of Ben hidden in soa.exe?)

Frank McCoy (Eats Hot Dogs) - Programmer

  • I have been busy and doing school work so as of 8/21/2014 I have not completed anything for over a week ):

Thats everything for the first iteration of the WDSB! Stay tuned every week on Friday for the Blog, today's was late due to technical difficulties, but it was sorted out and now you are reading this! Thank you for being a part of our small but ever growing community, snacks are down the hall to the left.
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