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This week has been very productive, we have moved to Unity 5.

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This week has been very productive, we have moved to Unity 5 which greatly improves shaders, lighting and shadows, and finally includes the 64-bit version which makes moving objects in the scenes much faster.
We are excited about the change Unity has made with version 5. Working on the previous version slowed us too much. Now we can work much faster with the structure of 64 bits.
In this new version of Unity, lighting has greatly advanced, but overall is still quite green. Until we get a more stable version is not worth devoting efforts to upgrade the graphics
We plan on updating the game shaders for better graphics. The problem is it still has many errors and we don’t know yet if its worth updating them with the consequent investment of time involved.
For now we will continue with the shaders we are using. As we said many times, we treat the graphic style we achieved as an art, rather than an attempt on photo-realistic graphics style.
The upcoming few weeks we will have less updates about design, since we will be trespassing the entire project to the new version and we have to update several things.
We will keep you informed.

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