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implemented dialog system showcasing more gameplay and more...

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Hello, greetings everyone Today is another Friday With that in mind here is this week’s Dev Update!!


Current Progress

Implemented a Dialogue system and rebound the interact key to left shoulder button on the gamepad was running to issue with it bound to the same key as shoot so I used an empty key instead (should have done that from the start >,<)

I've also started mapping out a demo level and plan to release a demo soon for community testing.

With that said here, you are some more progress this time with a much better backdrop ^W^

And textures. Remember all audio is temporary only for testing systems!!

Future plans

fix a spawn bug

fix some animation issues

Experiment with a manual targeting system (like RE4) might be interesting to see how that plays out

Further, develop a dialog system and lock area trigger

Adding key item to lock

Block out Next sections of the demo level

Thanks for reading this week’s issue!

Take care and see you next week for more and exciting news subscribe watch and share.

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