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The new and improved center of information and news of the game Epsilon o Virus(Epsilon The Virus), here you can find all the info and news of each week about what is added/removed and some Important Information.

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Weekend Epsi-info News N°1# _________ 07-03-2015

Welcome to the new and improved information and news center, from now on i'll post info and news regarding the game in english only, you english people are lucky i made this only for you, those who know english, and by that i mean this will not be in Portugues so... yeah.... sorry my people! ;-;

Alright so continuing... instead of making changelogs every time, i'll post a weekend epsi-info news every weekend it looks more fun more complex but, easier to do because i won't need to do a Changelog everytime there is something new.
I will just organize some info and news and in the end of the week i'll post them here :)
with more info, more news and better organized, better for everyone!

I'm also working in a lot of stuff so, stay tuned

And just to be clear the game is not even half done, i started at 19/12/14 and i made a bunch of pauses between developing the game, so the game is still in early development.

Oh.. and i'm the only person making this game.

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-General info: [NEW]

+ Improved the preview image of the game.
+ Improved the profile header image


-Game info: [OLD]

* a Preparar para postar o DEMO do Jogo / Preparing for the DEMO Release of the Game

+ Optimizado a Velocidade e atuação de Loadings, Velocidade do Jogo e Demoras / Optimized the Speed and Performance of Loadings, Game Speed and Delays

+ Criado e Adicionado uma Intro para o Jogo (Disponivel na Secçao de Videos) / Created and Added an Intro for the game (Available in the Videos Section)

+ Criado e Adicionado uma pequena Pre-Apresentaçao/Pre-Intro / Created and Added a little Pre-Presentation/Pre-Intro in the game

- Removido a Intro Antiga e Standard do Epsilon. / Removed the Old Standard Epsilon Intro.


-Game Update: [OLD]

Version 0.0.7_


-Videos of the week!:



-Screenshots: [NEW]

3 New Screenshots!

WIP lvl

WIP Secret


WIP game

-Achievement of the week!: [NEW]

Back in the game! ready for more, and preparing for something BIG.


-Poem of the week!: [NEW]

~(About the game)~

-> Now you should try this little game,
Just close your eyes forget the name

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