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A Summary of updates for the mod! If you dont see any updates weekly is because we are really busy on school and other things. Hope you like our news!

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Hello people, this is my first post of "Week Of Updates" .First,Im from Argentina and pardon me if my grammar isnt that good :P.In this first week I will explain you a bit of the project we are making Called "Lost In a dream".

Well, this campaign continues where the Co-Op Campaign "Manhunt" ended (If you played it you will know it, I will not spoil too much). You will play again as the swedish cops from the normal Cry Of Fear Story, ovbiusly with new maps,animations,textures and maybe models! You are trapped in some sort of cell, you dont know if what you are seeing is real life or just a dream, with the cooperation of your teammates you have to survive the horrible nightmare...if you think its that.

The mapping will consist on IRL Places in Argentina(School,Streets,ect) and weird places like the first part of AoM. Since I'm the mapper for this mod, I will take the necessary time to make the maps, sometimes I will take some weeks making a map but It will be a great one. I dont like to do things fast..

Any other thing to tell? I dont know.. ah yes! I would love to have the Voice Acting of the Swedish cops and Doctor Purnell for the mod. If someone there can help me find them I would appreciate it!

Hope you like our mod !

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