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Derxwna explains why there hasn't been an update in nearly a month

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Hey guys, Derxwna here. There's no long way to say this, so lets dive in. Basically, I've been really busy this entire month, trying to get stuff planned for my trip out of state which is in a week. Due to such reasons, I've had little time to do actual work on the mod itself. I've managed to draft out more missions for the campaign, but that's about it. I will not be doing any mod work at all for the remainder of September, and maybe around the start of October. Once I get back from my trip and settle back in, I plan to get back to work full time - I have a lot of stuff drafted which needs to be set up.

On another note, I am curious if there is anyone who follows the mod that is familiar with, and has made. maps and missions in Final Alert 2. Maybe not to make actual maps/missions for War of the Rice, but at the very least I'd like some helpful pointers on how to make maps. Unfortunately, I'm relatively new to making maps in Final Alert 2, and have no experience making missions. If you have any knowledge, and feel like lending a hand, please contact me via one of the usual contact links.

That's about all for this update. I apologise for not having any content put up in a while, but yeah my schedule has been busy. expect some new stuff in October.

- DerxwnaKapsyla

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