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Overview of what's going on with the mod at present time.

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Alright, Derxwna here. I have some good news and I have some bad news, and then I have some more good news. The news comes in all shapes and sizes, so let's not delay any longer and get right into today's update.

In the progress of the mod, we've managed to get a few more new features integrated into the mod, as well tweaking some of the older concepts. Like with the last update, I'll reveal 1 new change we've done for each faction.

  • Hakurei Liberation Army is receiving a Battle Bunker, called the Hakurei Defense Shelter . It shall hold 5 infantry inside of it, where they can fire out of it.
  • Ancient Devil's Coalition has been given the groundwork for a Multi-Form Tower, which uses GDI Component Tower logic. The defense upgrades aren't finished yet, but two of the planned ones are Gatling (Dedicated Anti-Air), Cannon (Anti-Armor), and we haven't decided on the Anti-Infantry emplacement yet.
  • Lunar Defense Corps have received the Bazooka Rabbit, which is an Anti-Air and Anti-Vehicle Infantry unit for the LDC.
  • Youkai Mountain Battalion has been given a Siege unit, the SSM Launcher. It, as the name would imply, uses missiles to attack targets from afar. However, it has a minimum range, so it's best to keep it guarded when close to enemy bases or outposts.

There are other changes we are planning, they aren't all secretive, but it's best not to give away the entire hand at once you see. Some things I will say, we are planning some new Skirmish maps. Some of the new ones you can expect are:

  • Lunar Capital (2-3): A lunar-theater map with a giant city in the center. Near the edge of the city is the Lunar Capital, where a strongly fortified Lunar Defense Corps base is located. At the heart of it is the Lunar Palace, which will serve as an override structure for the Watasuki sisters.
  • Underground City (2-4): Desert-theater map with heavy lighting alterations. A moderately-sized city filled with garrisonable buildings exists at the center of the map, with a capturable mercenary outpost, the Underground Tavern. From there you can build special mercenary units such as Parsee Mizuhashi, Yuugi Hoshiguma, and Yamame Kurodani.
  • The Netherworld (2-6): A temperate map that has elevation. Each of the bases is located on a different elevation level, but each is out of the way of the other to avoid sniping from above easily. Somewhere on the map is the Netherworld Palace, where Princess Yuyuko resides. Further back is the Saigyou Ayakashi. Depending on the game mode, the tree will either be in No Bloom, or Full Bloom.

There are some plans to re-do some of the maps that came packaged with the mod. Mugendai, Ichor, and I feel that the Heaven's Pass map could use some moderate rework, while the Sanzu Map apparently needs to be completely re-done.
Also, large news: The mod is now running with Terrain Expansion. It should come packaged with it by default. This is because we needed its changes to the Lunar Theater and Desert Theater to make some of the maps.

In other news, if you haven't seen yet, I've gone and updated the Features page with revised backstories. I think I kept to the same general idea that Drogan had when the mod was in development, but with a few tweaks added by myself and the CID team. You should go check them out, as they contain not just the backstories, but what each faction does, can do, and isn't good at. It also contains some sneak peaks at things to come for each faction that aren't listed in this news update, so it'd be much in your benefit to check them out!

Unfortunately, the Bad News is up next. Earlier today, August 26th, 2013, my External Hard-drive, which contained over 600 gigabytes in files, including the War of the Rice mod, was corrupted earlier. At time of writing, it is scanning to see if I can recover the data that is still present on the drive. However, for the time being, it is out of commission. Royally pissed me off, but not much I can do about it but take further preventative measures.

Speaking of preventative measures, this is where the good news comes in. In an act of infinite brilliance (And because we got tired of arguing over the files), we have all the files constantly backed up on a cloud server where we can add to and retrieve changes at will. This means absolutely no data was lost, as Mugendai and ichor, and the cloud, all have an up-to-date version.

That's pretty much it in terms of news updates. I'll probably be back with an update within the next 2 weeks or so, or when we make some more significant changes. Till next time people!

- DerxwnaKapsyla


I like the sound of Lunar capital, and the netherworlds idea of elevation sounds really interesting.

Badluck on the harddrive loss, and thankgod for backups!

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DerxwnaKapsyla Author

Yeeeeeeeeep, big save on backups. I had to argue with my friends saying "We need a way to backup files in the off chance Something Very Bad happens", which in this case it did. So it was kinda a saving grace.
The elevation for the Netherworld will be hard to get right, but I wanna try and do something interesting with the map. At the very least, I want to prevent players from having range bonuses due to being stationed above them on the map.

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