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Here is detail for our final iteration of the game.

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For this iteration, we have worked on a bug that was making the game switch from fullscreen to windowed when changing scenes. We have added a cutscene to the start of the game in which the player's ship is controlled by an alien and is forced to crash, thereby adding some context for what is going on. We added a death screen and a tooltip for which battery is selected so the player finds it easier to remember what battery does what. We have added a proper endgame in which the player can finish the game after finding all ship parts. We also double-checked our enemy AI because it seems that it was not working properly during the last iteration. We made sure that a message popped up when a ship part was collected or when the player entered a new quadrant of the map, telling them whether they had collected the ship part for that area yet or not.

We have made all these changes to add some backstory to the game and make it feel more complete. We also want to make sure the player does not feel confused by gameplay. We specifically placed the ship at the start of the scene with the player so that the player knows their target destination after collecting all ship parts. This is our final iteration, so we will see what feedback we receive and we will keep that knowledge in mind for future projects.

Link to game - Here.

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