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Week 4 - Ropes and Bricks. Progress continues on core routines, rope ladders and building level construction.

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This update knocks a few more of the mandatory routines off the ChopperSquadX to-do list. This game will be a rouge-lite-like. The building size, placement and type are random. The item/object placement inside the buildings and ladder placement is random also.

Temporary Ladders show the path through the building but double ladders might display in-game as elevators/teleports/lifts/etc. the double ladder saves space for each type. This update was focused on getting a few randomized elements working.

1st a fake physics chopper ladder - I wanted to have a realistic moving rope ladder without using a physics world. GM:S has quite a few functions that make it pretty easy with all the the math hidden internally. 2nd was creating object levels that could be used as floors. 3rd placing objects/buffs/enemy inside the level. 4th, ladders that create a path from bottom to top of building.

Also added "X-Ray" vision that allows players to see inside buildings. Eventually you will be able to assign fighter squads to go inside the building and perform objectives/tasks. Simple AI places object types inside the building and places ladders to reach top/bottom. All is 100% randomized.

Next up is inside-buildings objective selection and path creation that assigned troops will use to storm the building. afterward the Interface UI that issues commands to troops. I've installed most of the under-the-hood code for multilayer interface menus.

Using GameMaker:Studio and having a LOT of fun with it. CPU: Less than 10%. Max 15% - Still have a LOT of CPU headroom for particles, effects, AI and object management.

* Fake Physics Ladder
* Randomized Building Enemy/Object Placement
* Randomized Building Ladder/Teleporter Placement
* Extended Chopper Ladder Path
* Soldier Movement UP Chopper Ladder path
* Building Top/Level Collision (Red Lines in Video)
* XRay-Vison - Can See Enemy/Reward Inside Buildings
* Adjustable upper/lower bordersize for future graphics
* Gamepad Pressed/Held/Double-Click Detection

Engine: GameMaker:Studio 1.4.1474

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