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GAZORNONPLAT summarises the completely new Cube Noir site, complete with brand-spanking new features for your pleasure and convenience.

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Thanks to a little bit of insomnia on my part, the brand new Cube Noir site is up and running. Now much less text heavy, but with some brand new and very clever features.

If you want to see it now, hit us up at

If you're interested in the specifics, read on;

Most notably in the new site, under the development tab you can quickly and easily download not only our to-do list, but also the most recent version of the game. Thanks to the magic of Dropbox, these will be updated as soon as a new build is sorted, and available for all three major operating systems. This means that uploads to IndieDB can be spaced out a lot more by only uploading milestone releases, reducing spam significantly for our trackers whom we care about dearly.

We have also significantly reduced the amount of information about individual team members, since bios of this sort are ponderous, and ultimately, completely irrelevant, seeing as anyone who genuinely did want to find out more about the game or contact a team member, would just use the team's email address anyway, rather than scanning tediously through shameless self-promotion crap. What the site now features is a much shorter bio about the team as a whole, and our approach to development, although team members will of course be credited individually in the game itself, and probably added to the site in simple list form in the near future.

Another addition is the media page, where we will put up-to-date screenshots and videos when we can. Seeing as embedded YouTube videos do tend to render a little more quickly than IndieDB's, give or take possible ad time, and having all the screenshots available in a single page is something a lot of people find easier.

Thanks for reading, don't forget to track. :)

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