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The website for the Diablo II mod, Rebirthe is now online.

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Tired of seeing 'Website Under Construction' when entering the URL Well I say no more! The website is active, and in time it will grow. The site so far has no real 'content' on it, other than a news display and a few pages. But, in the coming weeks it shall be bigger, with an Item Database, a Bestiary, and more.

We also have forums on Click this link to see them / post:

Next up: Information regarding 0.05.
I have these skills in plan for you:
*Dark Bomb: Create a bomb that explodes into a wave of lightning.
*Bloody Brocade: Summon a wave of suicidal minions to do your bidding.
*Zombie Wall
*Plague Wall
*5 unannounced skills

Heres the changelog so far:

Changelog wrote: *Deadly Strike works properly on 'Ideal Love' and 'Dire Consequences' runewords
*Fixed a critical bug that made it not possible to use Assault Markers
*Eviscerate's Deadly Strike now works properly
*Despair (Skill) now lowers cold resistance
*Felbore Arms now has +1-2 to All Skills
*Hunter's Instinct now has +1-2 to All Skills
*Harbringer V does 25-50 fire damage
*Dragonfire adds Magic Spell damage
*Internal fixes regarding secret recipes
*The Caves is now a preset dungeon, "The Caves"
*The Pit is now a preset dungeon, "Circle of Elements"
*Added Circle of Elements waypoint
*Added new unique items and monsters
*Removed Teleport on Enigma
*Halved Blessed Hammer damage
*Increased starting AR
*Increased mana per energy point
*Fixed major bug with assassins
*Walking Velocity rates changed to these:
*Amazon, Paladin: 9
*Necromancer, Druid: 10
*Sorceress: 11
*Barbarian: 8
*Assassin: 13
*Added 15 new gem types
*Added Necromancer skills
*Lowered the mana cost on Lightning Strike
*Lowered the mana cost on Lightning Armor
*Removed description on keys (Now you can see the quantity ^^)
*Gemcutting Uber Item (Oblivion Tyrant)
*Alchemy Uber Item (Death Do Us Part)
*Scrapped Health Regen Elixir in favor of Swallow
*Scrapped Mana Regen Elixir in favor of Tawny Owl
*Fixed crash in Black Marsh
*Good Runes are now much more easier to find
*Fixed another crash in Black Marsh
*Fixed Megadom Arrow Pack's display
*Necromancers now start with Teeth
*Blessed Hammer now receives bonuses from Grace of Flame and Apprehensive Presence. Each skill point adds +18% magic damage per level.
*Paladins now start with Sacrifice
*Barbarians start with Bash
*Buyback is greatly increased. Act 1 (Normal) merchants buy items at 10K gold. Act 5 (Hell) merchants can buyback up to 350K gold.
*Added a synergy to Fist of the Heavens
*Added unique variants of the Essential Ingredients
*Fixed Warmth Synergy
*Nerfed Fallen Shamans
*Fixed Lycanthrophic Modifier, it now spawns at levels 70+. Before now, Assassins could dominate Baal in 5 seconds
*Fixed issues with Act 2 town
*Fixed issues with Act 2 merc

Go forth, heroes.

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