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I have already released the alpha as promised, and now its time for the website.

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<!-- Well, I've held half of my promise, the first alpha of my game has been released.
And now its time for the second part, the website is still a work in progress, and it may go through many changes before I'm completely happy with it, but it is stable and has almost all the functions I want it to have, it even has Space Tracks built straight into the web page so you can play it without having to download it!! (there is already a new version up there, newer than the one here on Indiedb)

The third levelI've made a lot of changes to the game, the most obvious change his probably the addition of the third level, which is even more challenging than the other levels, and the least obvious is probably that I've changed the way the rocket is propelled, before it was propelled by adding force to a rigid body component that would propel it forward using unity's built in physics engine, I didn't really feel any control over the rocket, and there were a few bugs in it as well, so I decided to experiment with a more basic way for control, one that is used in most fps games, basically the code goes something like this:

javascript code:
*this is the speed variable it remembers the value
*(number) we want the rocket to have so we can apply it
*to the rockets position.

var speed : float;

function Update(){

   //Adds value to the speed variable based on whether or not the speed up/down buttons are pressed
   speed += Input.GetAxis("Vertical") *0.1* Time.deltaTime;

   //Here we set the maximum speed, and the minimum speed,
   if(speed > 0.4){
  speed = 0.4;// if the speed is more than 0.4 then it is set to 0.4
   }else if(speed < 0){
  speed = 0;// and if the speed tries to go below 0 then we set it to 0

   //and finally we add the speed value to the position of the rocket
   this.transform.position.z += speed * 60 * Time.deltaTime;


/*Basically what we are doing is taking "speed" adding a
*value based on the player input every frame, if there is
*no player input then the speed value stays the same, and
*so does the speed of the rocket. after adding value we
*check if the value is too high or too low, and make
*changes if it is, and finally we take the value and add
*to the rockets position, so if the rockets z-position is
*0.0 and our speed is 0.3 then the position of the rocket
*in the next frame would be 0.3 and then in the next frame
*it would be 0.6 and then 0.9, but only if the speed is
*constant of course.

I'll leave finding the rest of the changes up to you guys good luck with it.

The game can be found in the top menu bar under games->SpaceTracks.
controls are posted on the page, any suggestion, ideas bug reports etc are welcome straight here in this thread or at the contact tab on the website. or alternatively you could send me a pm here on indiedb.

Oh, and one last thing before I end this post, I had promised the expose of a few feature ideas, and I'm sorry but they will have to wait till a later date. I'm in the process of moving to the other side of the country, so my time is a bit scarce at the moment, I'll put as much work on Space Tracks as I have time for though.

Heres the link:

Have a pleasant summer everyone,

TheLogan Author

I apologize, in my haste to get this out to you guys I completely forgot to post the link to the website, that error has now been corrected.

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TheLogan Author

Oh, and I also have to apologize for the code section, somehow the website had completely jumbled the formatting around, so I had to re-do-it =)

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