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I've launched the website for Imperial Nostalgia and setup alpha funding using Sendowl for payments. In this post, I'll tell you a little more about the project than the summary allowed for.

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As the summary states, Imperial Nostalgia is going to be a collection of four console games similar to those from my youth. My youth meaning Atari 2600 days. I've decided to go the alpha funding route in hopes of maybe earning enough for Unity Pro, or at least enough to keep the lights on. Being a collection of four games, Imperial Nostalgia is a bit safer bet when it comes to early access purchase though. Right now, the first game, a top down racer that may remind you old heads a bit of Grand Prix, is feature complete and fully playable. It's been tested quite a bit, but lingering bugs may present themselves. However, unlike most early access games, being a collection of games allows me to only update the build when a new game is fully playable. And it allows you to have some assurances that you aren't stuck with a half finished or unplayable game. I figure the final price of the game will be around $10 for the collection of four games, or $2.50 per game. So I'll also be pricing the early access builds to reflect the number of completed games. This way, you never get less than you paid for.

In the summary I also mention a game I am working on for a client. That will be taking up a fair amount of time. But I still hope to move quickly on the remaining three games. Being Atari-era-esque certainly shortens the development time needed. The next game that I will be working on for the set is called Asteroid Miner. Again, you old heads can probably make an educated guess which game that will be reminiscent of. I have planned a different way of scoring points, some power ups, and a local multiplayer mode to face off against your friends, so it won't be exactly the same as that old classic. I don't want any of the games to be exactly the same as their inspiration. To me, that just zaps my own creativity and puts me in a box I don't want to be in. It would also mean that you'd be getting the same games that you've been playing for two or three decades. I want to take you back to the past, not trap you there.

The third game in the collection will be a maze game. I've got the idea for that already in my head and it will depart a bit from the most famous of those offerings in the 80s. More details will be coming once it is more finalized. The last game is still a tossup between a few options. Since Asteroid Miner will have a multiplayer mode, I'd like the fourth one to also be something that can support more than one player.

Anyhow, in case you don't want to look over on the right sidebar, the website is HERE. You can find information about the early release there, as well as a few more screenshots of Open Wheel Racing.

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