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NeoAxis Group, developers of 3D game engine NeoAxis, reports about NeoAxis and Awesomium library integration. Awesomium is a windowless framework, based on Chromium/WebKit engine, that now can be plugged to NeoAxis as extension. Using Awesomium developers can embed online web pages and implement unique, rich and original gameplay features inside their applications, be it games or something else — in fact it's a real web browser right inside NeoAxis Engine! Details inside.

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NeoAxis implementation of Awesomium includes easy control through GUI and support for in-game 3D interface, provided by NeoAxis, being available for Windows and Mac as precompiled binary files with integration source code included. Framework usage is free for non-commercial projects and indie companies with revenue in previous year less than $100,000. Learn more about Awesomium and license terms available, and visit NeoAxis website and Awesomium for NeoAxis extension page for additional details and demo.

Awesomium for NeoAxis Features:

  • Binaries for NeoAxis 1.0
  • Easy to use GUI control
  • In-game 3D GUI support
  • Windows and Mac support
  • Awesomium 1.6.2
  • Integration source code included

NeoAxis and Awesomium integrations provides unique opportunities for game development and new, interesting game design ideas implementations. One of the NeoAxis features — ability to create in-game 3D interfaces — can be effectively used with this framework. Now developers can display online web pages content or local HTML files right inside their games — for example, at the screen of virtual monitor or control terminal.

Embedded with Awesomium pages has their full functionality, similar to that provided by standalone browsers like Chrome or Safari — players can access any pages, enter URL manually, click on links, enter text and even leave their comments, if necessary.

Practical application of such features is very wide — for example, developers can publish important announcements right inside their game, at the some kind of bill board. Embedded content also can be displayed at any surface, supported by game engine — there's no need to limit yourself to some kind of monitors. There is only one obvious condition— player should have active internet connection to see content online content.

We all know well MMO games that require account registration before player actually can access game world. Often it's made at game website — with Awesomium players can access game immediately, right after the game launch, as the unnamed characters that must go through registration procedure. But — inside the game world, without leaving it. Registration form can be stylized to match game world style and be embedded in some kind of terminal or board — with NeoAxis and Awesomium such features become easy to be implemented. There is almost endless possibilities to create original features using web pages embedding inside games.

Let's conclude — NeoAxis and Awesomium integration creates new advanced possibilities for game development. Nice license terms opens it almost for everyone — it's never been so easy to add something new and fresh to your game.

About NeoAxis Engine

NeoAxis is an all-purpose innovative 3D engine for game development, interactive visualizations and simulations creation. Developed for unprecedented functionality, NeoAxis is more than just an engine - it's a complex instrument that can be used for creation of all types 3D applications from modern video games with 'next-gen shaders and physics' to professional simulators. NeoAxis provides you with a complete toolset with which you can develop all aspects of your application without having to deal much with programming.

  • NeoAxis also enables you to create cross-platform applications. Your projects can be easily run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
  • NeoAxis Engine includes unique software environment used for creating project's game logic. NeoAxis Game Object System is an integrated system including Game Object Editor, Map Editor and built-in networking support which enables game object synchronization on high-level.
  • NeoAxis has a powerful .NET based API. The power of NeoAxis Engine and .NET enables you to concentrate on development of the project logic and to obtain greatest speed and quality of development. Internally, the engine uses the power of unmanaged C/C++ components such as rendering, physics and audio for maximal performance.
  • Full-featured set of tools covers all areas of asset development. Toolset includes World Editor, Terrain Editor, Game Object Editor, GUI Editor, Effects Editor, Physical Model Editor, Material Editor.
  • Support of all major IDE’s including Microsoft Visual Studio, SharpDevelop and MonoDevelop.
  • Advanced physics simulation includes support of two physical engines ( NVIDIA PhysX and ODE ).
  • Ability to create windowed and non-game applications. The SDK includes examples of WinForms and WPF applications.
  • Rendering components include most of modern advanced features such as 64-bit HDR Rendering, Parallel-Split Shadow Maps, advanced animation support, post effect framework, realistic water shading, and more. NeoAxis is also optimized for a wider range of video cards. In addition to the support of modern video cards, NeoAxis supports integrated cards and laptop video cards.
  • Ready to marketplace deployment. NeoAxis powered games are already being sold on Steam, Impulse, Mac App Store, GamersGate.

To further speed up the development process and save you an incredible amount of time and money NeoAxis Group has included a set of already accomplished various game types in the SDK ( including First-person shooter, Third-Person Shooter, Real-time Strategy, Arcade ). This enables the developer to avoid the process of creating project’s mechanics from the scratch, instead just modifying the existing game type according to developer’s requirements. Thus, you can concentrate on game design instead of having to write megabytes of code!

On more advantage of NeoAxis Engine is the flexible licensing system. You can choose your license type depending on project’s budget and requirements. The NeoAxis has a non-commercial license which is completely free of charge but retains most functionality. Thus, you can start creating your project in NeoAxis Engine without paying a single cent! You will only have to upgrade your license upon your project’s development (and only in case of commercial use) by paying the price difference. NeoAxis cheapest commercial license costs the fantastic price of just 95$ though! There are also different license types for team and individual developers to encourage the latter. The licenses also include free-update period of up to 2 years (the subscription can later be continued) and no royalty.

Summing up, NeoAxis is not just an engine, but a unique complex consisting of the engine itself, the toolset, the project database and the community. The powers of this complex can be of use for both single developers and companies looking for convenient developing environment. The use of NeoAxis can save the developer an incredible amount of resources, thus providing a significant economic advantage over the competitors.

Sacraboar - RTS game powered with NeoAxis Engine

Medieval city visualization powered by NeoAxis Engine

Read more about NeoAxis on

About NeoAxis Group

NeoAxis Group Ltd is company focused on modern real-time 3D solutions. The development studio is located in Kazan, Russia. Main activity NeoAxis Group is development of NeoAxis Engine, a cross-platform engine for 3D simulations, visualizations and games.

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Now that's is an awesome feature!

It's like you can launch browser game in a game and play while you play!

yo dawg

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Treidge Author
Treidge - - 1 comments

Yeah, that's quite possible. Actually there is one more fun thing about all this: NeoAxis has web player and supports playing through browser. Theoretically one can make a game with a browser like this, then go into standalone game, use browser to launch same game, but its web version, then once again through in-game browser launch same web-based game... Oh-hoh, that's just crazy, like two mirrors facing towards each other. xD

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