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after some hours of work with the weapons scrpits the helicopters now have more ammo and more fire power :D including the vehicles got more better performance and some more fire power

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the helicopters has more firepower better performance and more ammo.
Also some others vehicles have been worked on like the ZU-10, t-90, the f35.
also ill maby change the soldiers skins. But the bad news is that the mod wont be relesed the 29.april.2010

now the weapons.
Almoust all weapons have been worked on also the textures.
some of the weapons that have been worked on: m16a2, barret(increased firepower now got the abillety to stop a car but its not overpowered), the l96a1(1 shot 1 kill), all these snipers ammo have also increased to 10 so more ammo to waste :D
also the scopes now can be zoomed tree times the zoom factor is 0.2, 0.1, 0.05 so on the last you can kill enemies 600 meters away with ease :D

sorry if i miss spelled anything

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