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The Weapons Overhaul Redux is a comprehensive overhauling of VANILLA weapons within game

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The Weapons Overhaul Redux is a comprehensive overhauling of VANILLA weapons within game, along with certain bug-fixing, built upon a better framework than the previous. The following are the watered down version of the Mod's changes, but for more comprehensive changes, please read the articles.

> Various bug-fixes and Quality-Of-Life updates, such as the bug of Gatling-Laser and Unlimited Ammo legendary, such as Aeternus. Defiant legendary now also affects explosive effects.

> Capability to switch between ammunition type for weapons, and to switch between ammunition sub-types on the fly. Ammo-Switching is baked within it's features. It is located at the Utilities at either the Cooking, Chemistry, or at the Ammo Workbench if you have AWKCR.

> Receiver is further fleshed out, allowing players to select the Damage level, the Frames, and the Triggers of a weapon.

> Improved damage calculation by multiplicative scaling, as well as tweaked interaction with some legendary bonuses. There is also a 5th damage level: the Overpowered Receivers and Equalized Capacitors.

> Electrical Damage deals bonus damage, slow, and reduces perception of robots and players in power-armor. Fire Damage deals bonus damage to Ghouls.

> Mechanics is introduced at the start of the game: Added a bit more ammo at the start of the game, by the Vault 111 Overseer's Office to ease players in the mechanics. There is also a holotape that allows one to influence the spawning chance of certain ammo types, it is within the Overseer's Terminal.

> Tweaked Museum of Freedom to have Gristle in Power-Armor and is a legendary NPC that drops legendary items.

> Some attachments spawn in vendors. This means you can simply buy modifications instead of investing on some perks and crafting it yourself, provided you can find the mod you want. This also has an option to tweak within the holotape.

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