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Here is present a short list of the weapons that should be present in the CoD:Nam mod.

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U.S. Weapons:

Colt 1911 [Pistol]
M1 Carbine [Semi-Automatic Rifle]
M14 [Automatic Rifle]
M16A1 [Automatic Rifle]
Xm177E2 [Automatic Rifle]
M1A1 Thompson [Automatic rifle]
MAC-10 [Automatic Rifle]
M3 GreaseGun [Automatic Rifle]
M1918A2 [Automatic Rifle]
CarlGustav M-45 [Automatic Rifle]
Winchester mod.70 [Bolt-Action Rifle]
M21 [Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle]
M40 [Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle]
Remington 870 [Shotgun]

North Vietnam - Vietcong Weapons:

TT-33 [Pistol]
SKS [Semi-Automatic Rifle]
Ak47 [Automatic Rifle]
VZ58 [Automatic Rifle]
Type 56 [Automatic Rifle]
PPSh41 [Automatic Rifle]
PPS43 [Automatic Rifle]
RPK [Automatic Rifle]
Mosin-Nagant [Bolt-Action Rifle]
Mosin Nagant PU [Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle]
SVD [Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle]

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