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A list of weapons for UNP, The list of weapons for the UNP faction is only temporary, its a list of weapons that we have been thinking of and considered appropriate.

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Glock 17 - Best Fire-Rate
Desert Eagle .50 - Best Damage
TT-33 - Best Accuracy


P90 - Best Fire-Rate
AK-74u - Best Damage
MAC-10 - Best Accuracy


Saiga-12 - Best Fire-Rate
Sawed Off Shotgun - Best Damage
Franchi SPAS-12 - Best Accuracy

Sniper Rifle's

Dragunov - Best Fire-Rate
S-18-100 w/Scope (Yes, its an anti-tank rifle) - Best Damage
SAKO 75 Deluxe - Best Accuracy

Combat Rifle's

Type 97 - Best Fire-Rate
AK-74 - Best Damage
G3 - Best Accuracy


RPD - Best Fire-Rate
PKM - Best Damage
Type 95 - Best Accuracy

Please Comment and give us other ideas of weapons that could be added or take other's spots.


P90 has a higher firerate and less accuracy than the scorpion, due to its firerate. I would suggest AT missiles instead of sniper rifles that is loaded with AT rounds or such. What you could do is add a Barrett M107 (semi-auto) .50 cal AP rounds, which will be very effective if you shoot the driver and can be used through walls and avoid armor. Type 97 and Type 95 isnt really a favorite of mine, and I would suggest a M416 at highest firerate AR and M60 at highest accuracy LMG. And a sawn-off shotgun is usually loaded with 8 gauge shells, while a SPAZ-12 could be loaded with 12 gauge shells OR slugs, which would make it a more accurate, but also higher damage, shotgun. The sawn-off has low firerate, magazine but is a easily portable weapon. For highest accuracy pistol I would suggest the Glock 17/Beretta M9/92FS because their 9mm pistols, while a USP .45 tactical has a higher firerate, but also more damage. Rating weapons like you've done here is very hard, and there is some minor fault because weapons arent easy to get as you want, and if you tone em wrong. Well, lets just say its bad.

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DiplexHeated Author

We do not say that the for an example, Type 95 has the best accuracy for an LMG, but that it has the best accuracy of those 3. And you have to keep in mind that this is a terrorist faction that simply cant get their hands on any weapon there is. And as you can read above it sais "The list of weapons for the UNP faction is only temporary" we are going to replace/switch spots on weapons that we do some more researching on, this is just what we had in mind.
Thanks again for the comments!

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The AK47 and G3 both fire 7.62, and the AK74u is not a SMG, it's like calling an M4 an SMG compared to a M16. Also to your 'this is a terrorist faction that simply cant get their hands on any weapon there is' comment, the P90 is a rather expensive gun, as well as the Desert Eagle.

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the AK74U is an smg smartass. its a SUB-MACHINE GUN, means its not a rifle, not a big gun. Its a smaller weapon.

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...An AK74U is not a god damn SMG. The 'U' stands for Ukorochenniy, which means 'shortened' in Russian. It's just simply a shortened AK74. A sub machine gun is a rife that fires handgun round, for example the MP5 fires 9x19mm bullets, the same round as various handguns use.

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U are Serbian? :D

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