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Well, I've promised weapons, here is a plan of my promise.

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So. Weapons, eh?

You've probably wondered what weapons will be added exactly. This is only for the FIRST release, but...66 weapons. So, I'm probably gonna shoot myself soon. They're organized into how they'll be after making the game.

(1) Melee

Ice Axe
Pipe Wrench
Socket Wrench
Combat Knife
Stun Baton

(2) Handguns

Glock 17
Heckler and Kock USP Match
Barreta 92
Desert Eagle
357 Magnum
Flare Gun

(3) Assault Rifles

Heckler and Koch Mp5a2
Heckler and Kock Mp5k
Heckler and Koch Mp7
Heckler and Kock Gr9

(4) Shotguns

Spas-12 Shotgun
Remington 1110

(5) Throwable Explosives

Mk2 Grenade
Mk3a2 Grenade
Flash Grenade
Smoke Grenade
Satchel Bomb
Proximity Grenade

(6) Heavy / Experimental

Scorpion Heat-seeking RPG
Sticky Launcher
M249 SAW Squad Machine Gun
Xm214 Minigun
M2a1-7 Flamethrower
Gauss [TAU]
Egon [GLUON]
Gravity Gun
Plasma Rifle
Unnamed Gun
Hopwire Grenade
Vertex Hopwire Grenade

(7) Alien

Hornet Gun [HIVE-HAND]
Organic Chainsaw
Spore Launcher
Shock Rifle

(8) Ranged

M40a1 Sniper Rifle
Overwatch Sniper Rifle
M82 Barrett
Springfield Rifle

Yes...66 be coded, modeled, textured, and animated. Why'm I doing this again? WELL, In that case, I'm copying and pasting these weapons from this game to my next :P

Wait! There's still unarmed combat!

(0) Unarmed Combat Moves

Roundhouse Kick
Forward Kick
Side Kick
Elbow Hit

Later, I'll tell you of the ATTACHMENTS I'm planning.


Okay, so, I really wanna know: what do YOU want the HUD to look like.


  • MUST include weapon selection (selected, unselected and seperate section). It would be a good idea to add equipped but it isn't necessary
  • MUST include health. Whether it's a bar or a counter or something else.
  • MUST include armor. Whether it's a bar or a counter or something else.
  • MUST include ammo. AGAIN, Whether it's a bar or a counter or something else.
  • MUST include something else
  • MUST include flashlight battery
  • MUST include AUX power
  • MUST include damage notifiers

Notes to you

  • Remember, the less crowded it is, the better it looks
  • It shouldn't be grungy. The more ripped up it is, the worse it would look. Remember, the suit was made by scientists, not gamers :)
  • Remember, it will be GREEN.

Get a chance to be credited in the special thanks section! Submit yours NOW.

To submit, make an image, and upload it to image shack. Then, post the link as a comment.



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KarimIO Author


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omgwtfbbq 70 weapons ?! GL/HF
If you can make them all... thumbs up x 1337

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KarimIO Author


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Seriously, when you're done with this I'm gonna totally ask you to help with my mod O_O

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KarimIO Author

I can help you, but not constantly. Just a few touches here and there. But you can't rely on me helping you.

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That's why I said that when you're done with this.
You can give me some tips now though :O

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In for the competition for the second time:

I can explain stuff :D
Like why the HUD shuts down. That's because it's pretty much the beta of the one in HL2, so AuX Power isn't at it's peak yet.

The glowing effect on the ammo counter sucks for some reason, and I really just put them there to be cool, I didin't really though that they'd make it in-game :D So just delete them if you mind.

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KarimIO Author

Now THIS is good. I'll do it. Unless someone comes out with a better one. Thanks!

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omfg too many weapons we can carry, epic fight begins in multiplayer :D

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KarimIO Author

Lol, yeah. But you can't carry all the weapons at once. The more you carry, the slower you go. Realistic, huh?

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wow nice work ! but really what
are we playing
jackie chan here ?! well if you SOMEHOW
run out of ammo unarmed moves should fill up.
and i liked the idea of too much weapons means a heavy walk. lets say you can't run around in black mesa with a Shotgun,SMG,pistol,revolver,
crossbow,RPG,grenades,crowbar,ammo,shells,Awesome face pack,Grabbin' pills poster,lasermines and alien weapons like gorden freeman did

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KarimIO Author

Thanks! But like it says, there are some pretty good melee weapons.

Also, lol, yeah, that was pretty weird.

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Blank screen, mostly voice controlled. Original and never done before!

Also, might wanna split up Assault Rifles into SMGs and Assault rifles.

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KarimIO Author

Good idea, but a lot of people don't have mics. I could make it so that pressing a key could show it, letting go of it hides it. But the pain would be more than the gain. It's not necessary.

About the weapon separation: I'm using keys 1-8 for the weapons, 9 for attachments, 0 for holstering weapon. If I separate them, I'll have to use a different key, which wouldn't be very practical. Besides, SMGs and Assault Rifles are close. Sometimes, I don't care whether I have an assault rifle or a smg. As long as I have a weapon. Also, I have very few assault rifles and smgs, so separating them will make even LESS on both categories.

Thanks for the effort, though

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I don't srsly think that you can make this many weapons, your a kid you got alot of idears, but you must limit your idears of weapons, you cant have 70 weapons in a singleplayer mod, not even Valve would make this many in 3 years and still make them quality work, seriously, maybe you should focus more on the quality and make very less weapons, and make some props too insted, right now, the quality of the weapons isent really good.

btw dont flame me about how i am mean or anything, i just tell the truth as a modeller myself.

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KarimIO Author

Don't worry, I won't get angry.

True, I am only 14, but I can make weapons in a matter of hours.

Also true, 70 weapons is a lot, but I can do it. I can make like two weapons a day, but I have too much to do. The reason I haven't been releasing two weapons a day is because I'm also coding. Right now I'm working on achievements. I know EXACTLY what I'm going to do.

About the quality: That's where I need the help of the community. I need you guys to tell me what you don't like about the weapons. That way, I can finish much faster AND better.

But the MAIN reason I know I can finish because I have ambition. I know that one day, if I work hard enough I can get there. I might be a kid, but I've been playing this game since I was 4 or 5. I love it. I'm crazy about it. I will finish this mod. I will get to my goals.

And also: Singleplayer and multiplayer. :P

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But 2 weapons a day is a bit crazy, because people dont play mods for so long to be honest, you should cut some of them down, and then focus some more on the quality like i said, i think it goes too fast, also i must say your mapping skills is really, really good!

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KarimIO Author

Thanks! 2 weapons a day is a bit too much, but I can handle it. I just need you guys to comment on it. That helps a lot. My problem is smoothing. I can never get it right. But then again, I've only been modelling for a few months now, so maybe I can get it soon.

Secondly, how many times have people played Counter Strike? That's a mod, technically, of half-life. It shares a lot of the code. True, its a standalone game, but It wouldn't have been made without half-life. Also, I'm gonna have A LOT of content, so it can last for ever.

I finished the basic architecture of KOH_Bridge today. I just have to texture it, prop it up, and add good gameplay. Thanks!

Edit: Hey, guys. I was wondering if you'd like me to add THE SHIP game mode, just like the classic we used to play. I'll ask the developers of it if I can. Just wanna know if you'd like it.

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KarimIO Author

Bad news: I can't contact the makers of the ship. I tried going to the Outerlight group and asking, but there was no one in the group.

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I think I forgot to ask this 60 weapons really that necessary? I think about 30 is even a lot but oh well. You are awesome for going out to make 60 weapons...and about 50 new monsters, new abilities and stuff.

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