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I shall describe the weapon types/classes as we get the models/mesh/textures to give the community a taste of whats to come and for you to decide what weapon you will favor.

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I will describe the first class of weapon but first I will explain about the 'ranking' system, basically you will get you normal sections like Swords, Spears, Axes, Maces etc.. you will also have a 'sub-sections' as well.

The first Section I will describe is the Polearms.

Polearms (Some say Poleaxes but it varies) = weapons that are long and not a spear or Pike, they could range from Halberds, Bardiche etc, they are great for when you are in a formation of people or just generally support because of there size they are able to kill from a distance and have many functions, most have at least a hook, spearpoint and a axe/hammer, they require two hands and most cannot be used on horseback (that's a very brief description as the main features are not implemented meaning that we won't know the fine details of how they will react).

Ok, to the first 'class',

The Bardiche!

The Bardiche is quite short for a polearm, but it is also suprisingly quick, it lacks the spearpoint of a Pike, a hammer or hook of a Halberd, but what it has is a Single blade much like a axe but the blade is very long going down the shaft.

This means the Bardiche acts like a Cleaver (easily able to pierce Chain maile), also the Bardiche is unique in another way because unlike most weapons it has two connections to the shaft meaning it is more secure and easy to control.

Truth be told, the Bardiche is just a Very long Axe blade attached to the smallest shaft a Polearm can have (5ft)it has no subtly as you can imagine.

The downside is for a Polearm (Poleaxe to be precise)it is very short and requires two hands to use meaning you are vulnerable to Ranged attacks

P.S by short for a Polearm it is on average around 6ft (Sometimes bigger or smaller, I am 5'11 for example and it is still bigger than me, there are pikes and poleaxes that are 12ft long.

Here is a Example of what the Bardiche will look like, you can see the main damage it would do. Also as we just got hold of this we shall showcase it as well.

This is under MACES

The Warhammer class tend to be more focused on Blunt damage because most have a hammerhead and a pick, they are also slow for a onehanded weapon because it is unbalanced but can pierce helmets, mail etc..These would be quite easy to use because of it's simplicity, it's weakness is it's speed meaning you would be outpaced by a sword for example.

As you can see from this example is that this perticular hammer is more accustomed to piercing, note in this game you modify your weapons like this, slightly change there function somewhat as this person appears to prefer to pierce armour than to cause blunt trauma.


now we're getting somewhere the battlehammer is classic medieval weapon

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Agreed - a must have weapon for this theme ! Hope that armor is good and thick. Very nice pieces.

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lookin nice :D

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i think my look will be the enemy leader in the beginning of gladiator. that big hammer thing with fur as armor.

man i am really loving that pick, sexy as hell. if i had that in real life i would hang that up on the wall above my bed.

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FeudalStudios Author

That was one of the Germanic Tribes, you could look like that, just depends on where you are living, in centre of London then no, middle of Thetford Forest, maybe.

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