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New Logos, Hires, Patch Release Date and Blog from the Keen Software house Developers

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Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning to You All, and a Most Convivial Embrace from Keen Software House—the Keenest, Softest, Housingest of All the Game Development Companies.


We want your opinions. Take part in our online poll!

Help us choose our new logo for Miner Wars 2081. Your vote will help to change the face of our game! Vote for your favorites and scorn the ones you don’t like —

We greatly appreciate you taking part in our survey :)


The Logos in the link were all made by our Artists, Ilja Hubalek and Slobodan Stevic, marking a new milestone for Miner Wars 2081.
We have had many new hirings of late, including several senior programmers from 2K Games (they’re the ones who made Mafia 2) being added to the catalogue. New staff is but a part of the increasing shift to complete and publish Miner Wars 2081.


Currently the game is in a pre-alpha (prototype) phase, and updates are released…sporadically. Now, some thoughtless person was winking at a July, however, don’t treat them too harshly, but instead envision them as a brave whistle-blower who got it slightly wrong.
Speak of the devil--there seem to be some rumors of an August 30th deadline… something to keep in mind…


Don’t forget, Marek also has a new personal blog which charts the progress of Miner Wars and his personal insights into the industry. The blog can be found at, and is reportedly updated on a regular basis.


Keen Software House is taking suggestions and always interested in your feedback. Post

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