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Alright this mod has been making very good progress, as far as our models, and props go, but in order for me to really get this thing going i'm going need voice actors, right now we really need american voice actors, perfably people who can sound like there in thier 20's.

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We really need a person to play the role of Tony, he's a italian american, so if you can sound like one, or sound close to one, just comment. Also we need someone who is french for the restuant waitor, so if u got the voice also comment
Last thing, we REALLY need female voice actors, the two characters in the beginnning
Jane and Mary
we want Jane to have kinda of a jolly voice, and Mary to have a thick New york voice.
For now thats all we need, so if you think you can make it then just comment below, once we get these voices in we can really get to work, and hey you'll be in a video game, cool huh?

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