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Recruiting for various jobs, forming new teams. All members are granted full access to the mod after 3days of work(to prove your not in it just to have mod access)

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As you can tell, we have plenty of completed models, all textured and ready to go, sadly, they are all getting backed up since we dont have a HODDer or a scripter.

Bellow is a list of what we NEED, if you can do ANY of these things, please message me!
A) Resize textures, work with .dds format, work with photoshop, etc
B)Can work with .obj/.3ds files
C)Can place waypoints, functions etc.(engine point, dock point, wepon point)
D)Impliment hod in game
E)Script races(Build an entire race, ie impliment mothership, impliment carriers etc)
F)Script research
G)Animation [.mad format]
H)Concept artist

We serriously need you if you can do ANY of those, dont hesitate to ask for information,

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