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We're looking for more people again, get a job!

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We want you!
We want you and your talents over at Infinity Interactive! We're currently looking for a selection of developers out there to join us and our passion for creating games!

Why us?
Well, you're probably asking why us? There's plenty of other developers out there. Well, we're different (no, really we are). At Infinity we're really open to ideas, and you're not just our little code monkeys where we lock you in a cage and treat you like a monkey. At Infinity, when you join us, you join the team.

We all work as a team here at Infinity, as we believe that working in a team is a key step to success. Lack of communication can really take a hard impact on development, so we like to stay well communicated. Also, organising is really big thing here. We keep everything organised and help you stay on track of what you're doing. So don't worry, you won't be totally lost once you've finished a piece of work, you'll have something else waiting in line for you.

Also, at Infinity, you'll get your own online workspace with unlimited storage, you'll get your own folder in our online drive where you can keep track of your work, see what you're working on next and you can also get the latest version of the mod, or check out all the design documents so your development stays on track. We don't want you not understand the basic game mechanics and creating lightsabers in a realistic shooter, this is why we have a copy of all the design documents online, for any developer to read.

Helping your future.
It's true, working with Infinity will actually help your future in the games developing business. Why? Well, if you've seen a recent video of Chet Faliszek from Valve, you'll see as he tells you what most major game developers out there are looking for. Most developers are looking for something you've worked on, big or small the best kind of resume is showing something that you've worked on. So, you're a mapper for Infinity, you make 3 WoTS maps, you're applying for a major games company, you've got all your grades in Level Design, they ask what have you worked on, you show them your maps. Now, it's between you with all your grades and some of your past work, or it's another guy with all his grades, it's obvious that you will be chosen.

Here at Infinity, we strive to push our projects to completion, but we take time with our projects and we put a lot of thought and work into them, so we get them right.

Passion for developing
Here at Infinity, we are driven by our passion for games developing and striving to get something done. We would much rather take on someone who has a passion for learning and developing games but with not many skills, than someone who has all the skills, but just doesn't care.

For example, Kameron came to Infinity Interactive as someone looking for experience. He had no real idea of what he wanted to do, so he started mapping. He liked it, so he set out on making a map. He created his map, and I will be honest, it's better than anything I'd done, but it wasn't exactly developer grade. So, one of our current developers overhauled his map, sent it back to him and showed Kameron all the improvements that were possible, now Kameron is a full time developer for us and he is a great Level Designer.

So, to sum it all up.
We're looking for those people who are passionate about gaming, and games developing, those people who enjoy creating and inventing new things, and passing it on to the world, as stated as long as you have the basic skills, we're willing to teach you what you need to know. And there's always someone from the Development team to help you every step of the way.

We don't want the people who think they know it all and they just don't care about what they're working on, we want people who love getting things done no matter how long it takes and they're proud to say they created it.

We also have plans in the next few years to establish a business in the UK as an Indie Games Developer.

Thankyou for reading, we hope you consider,

-Infinity Interactive's Development Team.

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