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We have come to a debate on a topic that we would like you guys to help us decide!

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Recently a lot of games have turned to the "Release as we go" type of content, E.G The Walking Dead Game, it releases each chapter as updates through Steam, or other clients.

This is where we want to hear from you, We will weigh out the pros and the cons and then you guys go ahead and post int he comments what YOU think!

Let's set some ground rules first!

  1. Please refrain from Spamming
  2. Please do not bash anyone for their opinion
  3. Please do not make hate comments
  4. Please follow all Set rules by IndieDB and so fourth

We would appreciate it if some of you give us reasoning behind your decisions but then again we also don't want some huge essay! Just a simple yes or no and maybe a reason why! Let's start:
Pro's of Doing a "Release as we go" Style of Content:

  • Faster release
  • Ability to maybe set a release date
  • Anticipation
  • We can hear from you on each release to make it that much better
  • Kinda sorta less stressful(Sometimes...)

Con's of Doing a "Release as we go" Style of Content:

  • Waiting
  • Rage because we ended it as the story gets good
  • ill ability to wait for the next Scene
  • Anticipation
  • You guys get the point... Right?

Pro's of Releasing the Full game all at once:

  • All of it right there
  • No waiting
  • No rage for ending it at the good parts
  • We can patch it as you guys report bugs in testing
  • Less Buggy
  • Pre order Sales (Lol who are we kidding its free!)

Con's of releasing the Full game all at once:

  • Longer wait time for release
  • No set release date(There isn't even one on the "Rlease as we go")
  • Sometimes if rush may end up with more bugs
  • Etc...

All in all I kinda couldn't keep thinking of different ideas for pros and cons, so you guys should post your own!
Really we like both ideas (The team is split even at 2 for release as we go and 2 against it) So we want you guys to break the tie. Help us out give us what you think! Thanks ahead of time! ~Dustin From Skyline Interactive

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