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Brand new features, new artwork and a shop system!

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A Quick Note

So this has been a hectic week! First we post out a message asking for people who would be interested in working with us and was flooded with responses so thank you so much for the interest!

What's in the new version?

  • A new shop system!
  • Cash prize for killing zombies (Buy new guns!)
  • New models / animations
  • Reworked UI
  • Scoreboard system shut-down (Rework for next week, it'll be a lot better!)

What doe's it all mean basil?

The game is more fun! We have a shop to buy new weapons (There will be more weapons soon!) and the zombies, when killed, credit the player with cash to purchase new weapons!
You can see the game starting to shape up with our new artwork and you will see a lot more progress in the coming weeks.

Where can I download?

Here is the link, We hope you enjoy it!

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