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If you cannot contribute for whatever reason there is another way that is just as important and that is donations

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*Note*We are not begging, we have quite a while till we reach this stage*Note*

We at Feudal Studios need donations, even if you donate £1 it will help us make the game that will revolutionise the Game world and it will help you play the game that changes the gaming landscape.


As we have come to arrangements with our Publisher we will not need the £690 anymore.

If you want to donate now you will need the link of course.

Donate with PayPal

Many shall say we are scamming, no we are not as we are not in this for money, I would be happy if I was Just to break even.

FeudalStudios Author

If you are wandering what the arrangements are, they are giving us the server for free with no cost but we must show a playable game first (Of course)

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i agree :)

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