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So here I will explain about the future developments of ideas. I will try to invest concise but informative

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So. "was" in development, and not standing still. I have a lot of that has arisen for it all the time, as well as ideas and problems and failures. but the order and numbering:
1) Xen is in purple and blue colors, as well as some of its inhabitants. (sounds I want to make darker)
2) itself BM ... During the period there were "a lot of" what is added in terms of texture, and as I noted. They have as many as 0% interfacing. So I by this I am like some of their fixes. Well, I hope will turn out better than "Rainfall". And since we have different themes (not really, but in fact - yes), it will be difficult.
3) I am planning to divide events into three parts ... Just as they say "to each his own." Thus, the first is called "Reborn" - It is mainly texture part. The second is called "End-Hanced" - its full development I will begin after the first part, it will be changed maps and source code (i think Xash-XT). And the third, which is complete, connect the two - "End-Born". There already is everything. And textures and maps. Well ... I think I basically told.
you had Zero-Point-Man. Bye

P.S. photo of alpha Xen for for you)c4a1 0020

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