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We are gathering everything and making the demo finally for you, so your feedback to what you expect is crucial! Join now and share with us, what do you expect from Demented?

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Demented Feedback:

Welcome, as we are excited to give you the demo, and also working so hard on it, we want you to tell us, what are you expecting, or what do you want to see in the game?

Any suggestions can be made into the game, so join us, and discuss us what was your favorite horror moment! What do you usually expect when playing a horror game, or what do you want to see in Demented?

We are open to all of you, and be sure to write your name, as if we make something by your suggestion, we will sure credit you! ;)

The following rules apply:

  • At the start, state your name or nick name
  • Then, add a new line and type suggestion: "suggestion here"
  • If your suggestions makes it out, we will be sure to contact you directly and thought comments.
  • Writing offensive or rude comments will get your comment removed!
  • Do not write impossible suggestions like :
    Mr.Troll wrote: Suggestion: A pony to fly in your face while screaming a happy song

    This is a horror game, not a Pokemon.

  • You are allowed to criticize the game but keep it civil, like stated, offensive comments will be deleted
  • You can attach links for examples of your suggestions
  • If you wish to know more, or contact me directly : (Company Mail), (Personal mail)


Mr.Successful wrote: Name: Gabriel
Suggestion: My suggestion would be to make a ghosty monster that has only glowing eyes, and doesn't attack you unless provoked, something like this:

By adding suggestion, and writing a review when a demo comes out and get accepted you are getting a chance to become a Alpha tester!


We want to ask you about our development blog, if you want another one just comment and I'll take my time and write a new one on subject you want!

Here is Denise to cheer you up a bit with her enthusiastic smile and wave!

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